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Game made by me on the Global Game Jam 2020

A retro-inspired first person shooter with low-resolution render and 8bit sounds! Your trustworthy 400ft tall Soviet Standard Rocket PROTON has failed you. It's nuclear reactor is missing critical components and now you are stranded in a strange moon with mean looking clunky robots. Shoot them for parts! 

Gather components to fix your reactor:

  1. Bolts
  2. Boron
  3. Graphite
  4. Uranium
  5. Duct Tape ( IMPORTANT )

Play with five weapos:

  2. Space Revolver
  3. Cosmonaut Shotgun
  4. Clunky Machinegun
  5. Raketa Launcher

Explore a large map, survive as long as you can to save your ship from being scrapped for parts (its not parked in the best of places) and return home. GOOD LUCK COMRADE COSMONAUT!

Global Game Jam 2020 Page


TheProton.zip 24 MB

Install instructions

Its a zip file with the game folder inside. Just extract, run and have fun!

Thank you for playing! :)


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will it work with a controller?


Hey! Funnily enough I tested with Steam Controller and it did! :)